Slow to start

The plan was to start blogging and get my writer’s block unlocked. I’m not doing so well as you can see. Just as I set out to blog to the world, then came this barrage of work. Signs of new hope, maybe, for a fledgling film industry.
Contracted by the TTFC, I will mentor 5 southern schools (San Fernando East Secondary, Pleasantville Secondary, Marabella South Secondary, Holy Faith Convent Penal and St. Joseph Convent San Fernando) over the holidays to accomplish a 5 minute short film for a festival in September. Generally good scripts, so I’m looking forward to the final pieces.
Then there is the outstanding edit on the Speyside project for TTASPE that needs a wrap and doubled with duct tape. I’m almost there Donny. Other graphics for a friend with an entrepreneurial spirit and another with a memorial for a late sporting Dad. RIP JJ.
So my latest endeavor is to try and lobby God for 30hrs a day. Who is with me on this?

Aldwin JJ Ferguson
Football is about Memory & Imagination - Aldwin JJ Ferguson


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