Family in the Photo Booth

On our last trip to the movies, we took in “Rio“, a 3D animation flick. The 3D animation technology continues to boggle me. (Wait for the drive through the blossoming poui scene). The music was fantastic ( and Jamie Foxx) and overall a pretty decent story. What the film’s storyline did remind me of though, is the failing nature of our local film industry. This story could have been easily set in Trinidad (a better Carnival than Rio’s; more participatory for tourists). It would have been an easy sell to the Ministry of Tourism and a classic long term benefit to wooing tourists into Trinidad and Tobago to be liberated in the “Carnaval”.

After the movie, we came across this vintage (now remade for Generation X) digital photo booth and decided we would take some family shots.

Michael, Makeba, Mikhaili & Maisha
Family Photo Booth Madness

Slow to start

The plan was to start blogging and get my writer’s block unlocked. I’m not doing so well as you can see. Just as I set out to blog to the world, then came this barrage of work. Signs of new hope, maybe, for a fledgling film industry.
Contracted by the TTFC, I will mentor 5 southern schools (San Fernando East Secondary, Pleasantville Secondary, Marabella South Secondary, Holy Faith Convent Penal and St. Joseph Convent San Fernando) over the holidays to accomplish a 5 minute short film for a festival in September. Generally good scripts, so I’m looking forward to the final pieces.
Then there is the outstanding edit on the Speyside project for TTASPE that needs a wrap and doubled with duct tape. I’m almost there Donny. Other graphics for a friend with an entrepreneurial spirit and another with a memorial for a late sporting Dad. RIP JJ.
So my latest endeavor is to try and lobby God for 30hrs a day. Who is with me on this?

Aldwin JJ Ferguson
Football is about Memory & Imagination - Aldwin JJ Ferguson

In this new beginning.

For too long, I have postponed, procrastinated. I chose to be derailed by the very medium: the never-ending discussions via email (theLoop and Pres United), facebooking and more recently, managing my not-so-performing fantasy football squad. It is time however, to begin. Begin, I shall.

This wordpress space has been my address long before having graduated at ITP.NYU. The intention was to create a space for portfolio work… for shameless self promotion. There were countless versions of “the webpage”. Those in my head looked far slicker, far better and were highly engaging and interactive sites, but none impressed the harsh self critic that I am. (Maybe, I’ll make a blog on these one day.)

So here begins, a therapeutic approach to my writer’s block, my creative process. I’ll keep you posted.