Family in the Photo Booth

On our last trip to the movies, we took in “Rio“, a 3D animation flick. The 3D animation technology continues to boggle me. (Wait for the drive through the blossoming poui scene). The music was fantastic ( and Jamie Foxx) and overall a pretty decent story. What the film’s storyline did remind me of though, is the failing nature of our local film industry. This story could have been easily set in Trinidad (a better Carnival than Rio’s; more participatory for tourists). It would have been an easy sell to the Ministry of Tourism and a classic long term benefit to wooing tourists into Trinidad and Tobago to be liberated in the “Carnaval”.

After the movie, we came across this vintage (now remade for Generation X) digital photo booth and decided we would take some family shots.

Michael, Makeba, Mikhaili & Maisha

Family Photo Booth Madness